Guy’s dream of being a tattoo artist started in NJ, back in the summer of ’86 after 5 years in the United States Marine Corp he met a tattoo artist named Lola – who quickly went from being his patron artist to his no nonsense mentor who showed him the ropes. Lola wouldn’t put up with any excuses and while she was unrelenting in the demands she put on him Guy credits her with what he knows and says she gave him the “gift of tattooing” and that gift changed the course of his life forever. ” I think its important to remember where you came from and always honor the source”. This is one of Guy’s motto’s, he has 10 motto’s in his tattoo artist creed below.

After his three year apprentice with Lola, he traveled the nation and the world – always seeing it through the eyes of a tattoo artist. He returned to NJ in 2001 to open his very first shop and rolled its success into a second location just three years later. It was at this time that Guy realized that he needed to get involved in the laws governing tattooing and so, with the help of other Jersey City artists, challenged an outdated 96 year old legislative ban on tattooing and tattoo shops were legalized.

In 2010 Guy created The New York Tattoo School, and The Academy of Responsible Tattooing. The focus of A.R.T is to create a structured training program that will eventually become the standard upon which the art of tattooing is taught. It is based on a traditional apprenticeship and has produced amazing results. Here he is committed to taking a whole new generation of tattoo artists through the ropes in a manner no one else can. The classes are in demand and the payoff has proven to be well worth it for his eager students.

Tattoo Artist Creed

1) Always remember where you came from and always honor the source
2) Always be your best (the person your working on deserves that whether you think so or not!)
3) Always love what you do (or get the hell out and do something else)
4) Always give more than is asked of you
5) Create new everyday (yesterday's creation is today's old news)
6) Integrity, integrity, integrity
7) there is always something more to learn
8) Remember where you came from and honor the source
9) Be open to change because everything changes whether you like it or not
10) Have Fun !!!!

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